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Bajaj Discover and Pulsar are the two bikes which helped Bajaj motors to attain a praisable position among Indian two wheeler manufacturers. When Pulsar series made Bajaj motors a famous bike manufacturer from scooter manufacturer, Discover played a key role in making Bajaj motors the 2nd most selling two-wheeler manufacturer whose 3 lakh bikes are sold per month.
New Bajaj Discover is the 5th generation Discover. Bajaj began with Discover 125cc, then came Discover 110cc, then Discover 135cc and the last was Discover 100cc. Bajaj Discover 100cc had a fabulous selling history of 5 lakh bikes in just 225 days.
While the previous models of Discover concentrated on mileage, the new Bajaj Discover 150 is a combination of both power and mileage. Thus new Discover 150 is a perfect combination of 150cc engine's power, Discover 125's mileage and the low price of Discover 100cc. Therefore, new Bajaj Discover 150 will definitely be a threat to 150cc bikes as well as 110cc and 135cc bikes.

Design & Styling
The design of Bajaj Discover 150 is almost same as that of Discover 100cc. The head lamp, tail lamp and related body parts are similar to that of Discover 100cc. But inorder to reduce the price, many features that were present in Discover 135 has been eliminated from new Discover. The major feature added to Discover 150 is unique 240mm disc brake with cover to keep disc free from dirt as in dirt race bikes. Other new features are 100mm rear tyre to maintain control in greater speeds, 150 sticker at the back and special body graphics. All other features of new Discover 150 are same as that of Discover 100cc. Tachometer is not included in the Instrument Panel. Nitrox suspension as in Discover 100cc, LED tail light, alloy wheels, self start etc. are the other features of Discover 150.

Technical Description
Technically speaking, new Discover 150 is based on Bajaj XCD 135. Engine and frame have been adopted from XCD 135. The engine is a more powerful version of 135cc engine in XCD 135. In short, the Cylinder size of XCD 135 has been increased.
The Engine which uses DTS-i and ExhausTEC technologies provides Discover 150 a maximum power of 12.8Bhp @ 7500rpm and a maximum torque of 12.75Nm @ 5500rpm. This torque at comparatively lower rpm of 5500 reduces the frequent gear transmission in city rides.
The Discover 150 has a relatively higher mileage of about 65-70km/L compared to other 150cc bikes.

Ride & Handling
New Bajaj Discover 150 is light in weight compared to other 150cc bikes. The lower weight of 121kg makes it easy to handle as in the case of a 100cc bike.
For the sake of ease to use in cities, Discover 150 has been given short gear ratios. As a result, it has a pick up which challenges even Pulsar 150. The only defect is that top speed is reduced as a result. The top speed is between 100-105km. The shift pattern is all gears downwards.

Major Features
Nitrox Suspension
LED Tail Lamp
Matte Finish Alloy Wheels
Self Start
Front Disc Brake
5 Speed Gearbox
Wider rear tyre
Auto Choke
Battery Charge Indicator
Ride Control Switch

Bajaj Discover 150 available shades
Black with blue graphics
Black with red graphics

The Bajaj Discover 150 is a bike that's meant for those who want to buy a 150cc bike at a low price. The new Bajaj Discover 150 is worth Rs.46,643/-

Bajaj Discover 150 Specifications



144.8cc, 4 Stroke, Air-cooled, DTS-i engine


12.8Bhp @ 7500rpm


12.75Nm @ 5500rpm


5-Speed, All Down


Front:- Telescopic Hydraulic Fork

Rear:- Nitrox Suspension


Front:- 240mm Disc

Rear:- 130mm Drum


Front:- 2.75 x 17

Rear:- 100/90 x 17

L x W x H

2035 x 760 x 1087 (mm)








8 Liter




Rs. 46,643/-

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Bajaj Discover 150Cc said...

If we consider all 150cc bikes of Indian market,Discover 150cc scores highest on grounds of looks,power and features.But it can face inter-class competition from Pulsar 150cc.

Bajaj New Discover said...

People just love Discover as it got impressive features with powerful engine.It got huge success in India and now its going to launch in 150cc but how can it compete with its on intra-class pulsar.

john smith said...

THE Standard electric start Bajaj Discover 100Cc's taller gear ratios, makes bike feel relaxed, and front seat foot pegs and streached seat makes rider relaxed.